Tully Golden Gumboot Festival
Tully Golden Gumboot Festival
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Why a Gumboot?

Originally a rubber boot was awarded to the wettest town in Australia. Tully, Babinda and Innisfail vie for this honour every year.

The idea of a Big Gumboot to enhance Tully's image and welcome visitors was embraced by Tully community bodies in 1997. The Tully Rotary and Lions Clubs obtained funding, donations and in-kind contributions from various sources.

  • The total cost of the project was $90,000
  • The gumboot was designed and fabricated by Brian Newell and installed by Tully Rotary.
  • The official opening was held on 10 May 2003.

The boot is made of fibreglass and stands 7.9 metres high. This height represents Tully's record annual rainfall of 7,900mm (311 inches) in 1950.

There is a spiral staircase inside the boot that leads to a viewing platform. From the top of the boot you can get a great photograph of the Tully Sugar Mill and also of the Tully township with Mount Tyson in the background.

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Tully, A Pretty Wet Place

Tully is situated mid way between Cairns and Townsville and is surrounded by World Heritage rainforest, sugar cane fields and banana plantations.

With an annual rainfall of 4490mm a year, Tully is one of the wettest places in Australia. On average it rains on 150 days per yea ...Read more

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Bob Katter bowling at the Golden Gumboot Festival